What to Look for in a Photo Booth Hire

A photo booth hire melbourne cheap can be a great way to make your next event or party truly special. But it could also end up being a disaster, if you don’t know what to look for.

Look for Options and Pricing

You want a company that is able to meet your needs. That is why the options they provide should probably be your first priority. If you have a wedding, then you may want a photo booth company that can decorate the booths according to your wedding theme or colours. This holds true for if you are having a corporate event as well. You don’t want their photo booth branding to take away from the business you are working to put out front and promote. You want to make sure that the photo booth hire company can accommodate you.

You also want to make certain that you can afford what they are offering. It’s all well and fine if they have the options you want from a photo booth hire company, but if they are out of your budget range, then it isn’t really worth your time. You want a company that is offering reasonable prices that you can afford to pay.

Service Guarantees

You also want to find a company that will guarantee particular services. You don’t want them to show up late or to provide photo booths that only work occasionally. You want exceptional service that ensures that your event will go forward smoothly. You probably want a company that will deliver the booths on time and be able to get them into your venue wherever it may be.

And it is a good idea to hire a company that is going to offer you an attendant for the booths. You never know what kind of difficulties your guests may run into with the booths. They may have never used a booth before or they may not have used booths that are like what you are hiring. You want to be sure that someone who knows how to work the booths is standing by to help your gests and ensure that your event goes well.

We Are Your Best Choice

We are Melbourne’s most respected photo booth hire company. We offer services to cater to your every need. If you want your booths decorated to accommodate a particular colour or theme or brand, then we have it covered. And if you need fast and reliable service, we have you taken care of there as well.

We understand that you have some options when it comes to photo booth hire in Melbourne. But we also know that you want the very best that you can afford, and we work to provide that. With our competitive prices and our desire to give you the best possible value for your money, we know that you will be happy that you chose us for your event.


How Ukuleles Differ from Other Stringed Instruments

Those who have never used a ukulele before may simply think of it as a different kind of guitar. And while it did start out as a variation on the guitar, the ukulele has an identity all its own.

A Unique Sound

As far as the sound it produces goes, the ukulele sits somewhere between the sounds of a guitar and a banjo. It’s not as tinny as a banjo nor is it a deep and resonant as a guitar. Now you can find ukes that offer a deeper sound. These are the baritones and tenor ukes, but they are fairly uncommon. And you can find lighter ones as well, such as the banjo uke that produces a loud and high sound.

But the ukulele’s particular sound is well suited to its location of origin. The tropical and lighthearted music most often create by the people of Hawaii and other island nations is perfectly suited to the uke’s light sounds.

Not to Be Played Any Other Way

Those who are moving from the guitar over to the ukulele may be in for a surprise. What they will find is that using the ukulele is quite different from the guitar. You may be able to hold your hand and fingers the same way, but strumming has to be done differently. The strings are a bit thinner and more fragile than what you will find on your typical guitar. They are almost comparable to those on a violin, but not quite that thin.

This is part of what allows the instrument to produce its high, light sound. But it also means that it has to be played differently from a guitar. The person using it cannot play as hard or as heavily as they would on a guitar. They must strum more gently, or else they will end up damaging the strings and quickly putting the ukulele out of tune.

People who are new to the ukulele will quickly learn that there is a certain rhythm and lightness to the way the instrument must be played. Playing it any other way will result in discordant sounds.

Variety in Styles

It is not uncommon to find a guitar made out of something other than wood or plastic. Likewise, ukuleles can be made out of any number of materials. But it is the rarest types of ukuleles that really stand out for their innovation and the way that their design could not be copied by anything else successfully.

Take for example, the pineapple uke. This is shaped like a pineapple on its base. The ukulele is suited to this design because of its tropical origins but also because it doesn’t need a large base. The boxy design of the pineapple uke may produce some slightly different sounds from the traditional uke, but it is still very much a ukulele.

Alternatively, ukes made from turtle shells and armadillo carcasses have a unique status that cannot be co-opted by guitars or any other stringed instrument.